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First Blog EVER!

Welcome to my website and to my blog! This is where I'll share some insight into what I get up to while I'm performing, on the road, lounging around at home.. and everything in between.

At the moment I am devoting my time to songwriting and recording demos on my little mini studio ( a laptop, keyboard and set of headphones). This is a great way to get an idea of how my new songs might sound with a little bit of production behind them, not just me and the guitar.. it gets boring after a while!

Also, along with my current landscape of songwriting and demo recording, I am rehearsing and charting a lot of songs for upcoming festival shows I have coming up. These include:

Oct 26th with Beccy Cole @ Spear Creek Caravan Park

Jan 23rd - George Jones Tribute @ Capitol Theatre, Tamworth

TBA - Mt Gambier Country Music Festival @ Casadio Park

16th-18th Feb - Lake Charliegraak Country Music Festival

I am currently playing guitar for Artists such as Amber Joy Poulton, Cassidy Rae Gaiter, Nathan May and Angela Easson. This keeps me occupied with learning new songs, and preparing for gigs etc. It's also a great thing for songwriting as all the diversity gets me exposed to music that I wouldn't normally listen to.. which in turn means I can steal a lot more ideas!

On top of all this musical stuff I've got going on, I am currently in my last 8 weeks of my music degree! Once that is completed I can focus solely on my own career and family.

There are exciting times ahead, I'll be heading into the studio some time in the not too distant future to record my debut EP and I can't wait!

Watch this space, come on a journey with me!

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